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Vikra Ijas: Heart of a Nomad

Photo: Rizhky Rezahdy In the marble-floored lobby of the Four Seasons hotel, Vikra Ijas, in his checkered shirt, khakis and thick shoulder-length hair, seems slightly out of place amidst the … Continue reading

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Juara Beauty Aims to Win Over Indonesia

*published in Globe Asia magazine, Feb 2015 Though France and the United States continue to lead trends in the beauty industry, the market is opening up for luxury brands from … Continue reading

February 4, 2015 · 1 Comment

Santi Alaysius: the Queen Bee of Interiors

*published in Dewi magazine, Dec 2014   What first strikes you about Santi Alaysius is how affable and open she is. In an industry dominated by gay men, the interior … Continue reading

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WanWir: company profile

  *graphics & layout by Meylan Komarudin

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The Game Changers

*published in Dewi mag, Nov 2014 VANESSA ONG Vanessa Ong is a woman who understands the importance of tradition. Born into one of the oldest jamu-producing families, the 26-year-old Nyonya … Continue reading

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Dewi outstanding woman: Suzy Hutomo

*published in Dewi magazine, Oct 2014 (photo: Rizhky Rezahdy) In the environmental movement community, Suzy Hutomo has carved a name for herself as a staunch supporter of the planet. Lesser known … Continue reading

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Joni Ramlan: the artist of the common people

*published in Dewi magazine, Oct 2014 (photo: Rizhky Rezahdy) He came dressed in colourful stripes, which his wife says is a deviation from his usual grey attire. Though partial to neutral … Continue reading

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